The South Ossetian battalion in Donbass will be provided with technical support on the front line

Tue, 10/05/2022 - 21:26

The formation of technical support has begun for the heroic Tskhinvali infantry, Oleg Marzoev, a military expert from North Ossetia, reports in his telegram channel.

“Several dozens of thermal imaging sights and monocular, as well as a quadcopter, have already been planned to be sent to our South Ossetian army battalion, which is fighting on the front line. This will be reported upon dispatch in the near future," Marzoev said.

According to him, 100 R123A batteries, chargers, blocks for them were purchased for the sights.

“To date, we have managed to solve the most basic task of providing thermal imagers, quadcopters and other technical equipment: 2 army infantries, 1 tank and 3 National Guard battalions from North Ossetia. Sending to the infantry battalion from South Ossetia is being formed,” the expert has emphasized.

He has added that the plan is to provide reconnaissance and artillery battalions with additional technical equipment.

“And it must be remembered that all of us, no matter what we do, have done too little. Seven more times the same number of seven times - each unit must be sent,” said Marzoev.

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