Flowers have been laid at the obelisk of the OMON officers of South Ossetia who fell at the hands of the aggressor

Tue, 07/06/2022 - 21:06

Representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, headed by First Deputy Minister Major General Gennady Tigiyev, and officers of the OMON named after Vadim Gazzaev laid wreaths and flowers at the obelisk to the fallen OMON officers.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the memory of the fallen members of the detachment was honored with a minute of silence. The commander of the OMON police major-general Igor Pliev has noted that these guys became an example of resilience and courage: "Defenders of the Fatherland gave their lives so that our people live and work under a peaceful sky, our children were learning, growing up."

On the territory of the fuel and energy complex in June 1992, six OMON fighters were killed in bloody battles while repelling Georgian aggression.

The courage and heroism of Stanislav Gabaraev, Zurab Gubaev, Gennady Dzhabiev, Yuri Kozhukhov, Alexander Mikhailenko and Grigory Sanakoev entered the history of the struggle of the Ossetian people for independence. The names of the streets of the Republic immortalized the memory of the heroes, their names were given to schools.

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