The memory of the victims of the August war will be honored in South Ossetia

Thu, 28/07/2022 - 21:57

The events dedicated to the 14th anniversary of the tragic events of August 2008 in South Ossetia will begin on the August,7.

The program of commemorative events was discussed at the meeting of a specially created state commission headed by State Adviser to the President Batradz Begizov.

The main event - the action of memory - will be held for the first time in the memorial complex "Defenders of the Fatherland" at 20:00 on August 7. Representatives of the leadership of the Republic headed by President of South Ossetia Alan Gagloev, members of Parliament and government, representatives of the public, journalists will take part in the commemorative action.

A specially installed monitor will be broadcasting photos of the defenders of the Motherland and civilians, perished in the tragic days of August 2008, as well as a military chronicle of the events of those days.

It should be reminded that on the night of August 7, 2008, Georgia attempted to seize South Ossetia by force. Massed fire was opened on the capital of South Ossetia, the city of Tskhinval and other settlements of the Republic, from large-caliber artillery and Grad multiple rocket launchers. The war lasted five days, after which the operation began to force the aggressor to peace.

The memorial complex was built in honor of the real heroes, the defenders of South Ossetia, who, at the cost of their lives, stopped the bloodshed, ensured the security, sovereignty, stability and future of the Republic. The pedestal features sculptures of Ossetian and Russian soldiers, embodying the unity of Ossetian and Russian soldiers, militia and Russian peacekeepers.

Commemorative events will continue on August 8. On this day, the leadership of the country and the inhabitants of South Ossetia will visit the places of death of the defenders of the Republic.

On August 8, a thematic exhibition dedicated to the August events of 2008 will open in Tskhinval, on the same day a presentation of the film “Khakhta avdisanta” (Mountains - eyewitnesses) by Gri Mamiev about the genocide of Ossetians from the 20s to 2008 will take place.

In memory of those killed as a result of Georgia's aggression in August 2008, mourning services will be held in the churches of South Ossetia - the Most Holy Theotokos and the Holy Trinity.

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