Yana Amelina: Georgia has again fit into anti-Russian projects

Tue, 02/08/2022 - 11:53

Georgia did not support the sanctions against Russia, however, it fit into the projects directed against the Russian state. Yana Amelina, a political scientist, secretary-coordinator of the Caucasian Geopolitical Club, head of the Information and Analytical Center "Border of the Present", expressed this opinion in a commentary to IA "Res".

“Georgia today, like 12 years ago, is supporting the Circassian issue. This means that it has again fit into the anti-Russian projects, no matter what it says. It did not support the sanctions, but it is engaged in much more serious things - the direct support of separatist nationalist movements on the territory of the Russian Federation, which set the de facto dismemberment of Russia as the ultimate goal.

Georgia has closed this topic for itself in recent years, just like the American sponsor. They were not up to it. But suddenly, after the start of a special military operation in Ukraine, they held several conferences on this topic with the involvement of American experts, the same ones who participated in all this 10 years ago. Is it an accident? No. Another thing is that we have little tracking," the political scientist believes.

Amelina also drew attention to the support of Ingush separatism in Georgia.

“We are watching the development of friendly relations between Ingush and Georgians, no one has anything against it. It is about supporting separatist movements,” the head of the information and analytical center emphasized. - Adam Aushev (the author of the YouTube channel "Abu Caucas") and others have repeatedly raised the topic that it is necessary to create a Caucasian legion and fight in Ukraine against Russia. “But Georgia has already done this...”, - they write in Georgian channels. They support, they say that they would have gone there themselves, but their health is bothering them, or something else."

The political scientist has noted that today Georgia is participating in the hostilities in Ukraine.

“This does not seem to come from official Tbilisi, but the Georgians are taking part in this. The current leadership of Georgia, thank God, is not Saakashvili, it understands where it is, what world it lives in, and does not openly support them, but does not prohibit anything either.

I don't expect any changes in positions from Georgia, as she believes, "its territorial integrity is unshakable, and South Ossetia and Abkhazia are the integral parts." Therefore, it will be fighting for it by any means available,” Yana Amelina said.

According to her, Georgia is just waiting for the right time.

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