Geneva discussions have no alternative as a negotiating platform where security issues are discussed, - Kochiev


South Ossetia is concerned about the large-scale military exercises in Georgia and calls from world leaders to open a second front against Russia. This was stated by State Advisor to the President of the Republic Konstantin Kochiev at the meeting with the co-chairs of the Geneva discussions.

A meeting of the South Ossetian delegation with the co-chairs of the Geneva Discussions on Security in Transcaucasia is taking place in the capital of South Ossetia on Tuesday; the parties will discuss preparations for the upcoming 56th round of discussions. The South Ossetian party is headed by State Advisor to the President Konstantin Kochiev.

This is the first meeting this year, because neither in March nor in June the planned meetings took place. There were similar pauses in the past, including due to the coronavirus pandemic, however, for a long time our work has been faced with different obstacles. The situation in the Transcaucasia region is not the most stable; delays are reflected in the course of the Geneva process. We see certain negative signals - these are large-scale military exercises in Georgia, and calls to open a second front. But we hope that a sober mind remains in Georgia to do not succumb to these provocations," the state adviser said.

According to him, the Geneva discussions have no alternative as a negotiating platform where security issues are discussed, and the main issue of negotiations remains the signing of a legally binding document on the non-use of force by Georgia against South Ossetia.​

He has also underlined the role of the IPRM format, which continues to operate even at a time when the plenary format of the Geneva meetings is in limbo.

"Of course, the IPRM cannot replace full-fledged work in the plenary format. Meetings in a full-fledged format are needed," the State Adviser said.

The OSCE co-chair Viorel Mosanu said that they were ready to discuss all the issues on the agenda of the upcoming round.

"We met with the US representatives, and we intend to meet in Moscow with the Russian side. We express our commitment to the Geneva format, hold meetings and are ready to continue the conversation in Geneva, on October 5. From the very beginning of the creation of the format, the Geneva discussions have been a platform for dialogue," he said. .

The OSCE Co-Chair invited the South Ossetian delegation to be active in discussing humanitarian issues.

"The Co-Chairs are doing everything to maintain channels of communication. We share the position of South Ossetia regarding the IPRM, and we welcome the continuation of meetings using the "hot line". This is a key element in matters of stability in the border zone. We also welcome the opening of checkpoints, they are aimed at the benefit of the population both sides," he says.

Kochiev has added that at today's meeting, the participants will discuss the prospects and tasks of the Geneva format for the near future.

Further, the meeting was held in a closed format, without media representatives. Following the meeting, a briefing for the media is expected.

The delegation of the co-chairs of the Geneva discussions is represented by the OSCE Viorel Moshanu, Toivo Klaar, the EC; the UN co-chair Cihan Sultanoglu.

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