South Ossetia now has the opportunity to create real economic relations with Russia - expert

Tue, 21/03/2023 - 21:26

The decision to gasify the villages of South Ossetia is the most important of the agreements between the presidents of South Ossetia and Russia, South Ossetian expert Inal Pliev believes.

He has stressed that it is villages that make up a significant territory of the Republic, and a firmly standing economy is possible only with the active life of the village.

“And for 30 years, the population has been actively fleeing from the villages. First, they were expelled by the armed detachments of Georgia, and then - the inability of our officials to solve their problems. They even came up with the "term" "remote villages",” Pliev said.

The expert calls the entry of the South Ossetian goods into the Russian market another important point.

“These items are few. The legal and legal framework for trade relations between South Ossetia and Russia already exists. But a stable flow of agricultural goods must be established through the uninterrupted production of our own local products,” he said.

According to Pliev, some authors write about "the Republic's entry into the independent economic platform," but before entering any platform, it must be created.

“I would rather talk about the possibility of creating some elements of real economic relations. This is also not bad for the 15th year after the victory,” he has concluded.

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