The 105th anniversary of the formation of the Border Guard Service of the FSB of the Russian Federation was celebrated in Tskhinval

Sat, 27/05/2023 - 20:46

A gala concert was held at the State Drama Theater of South Ossetia on the occasion of the celebration of the 105th anniversary of the formation of the Border Guard Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation.

The event was opened with a video about the history of the formation of the department and its tasks, after which Vladimir Shchemelinin, head of the Border Guard Service of the FSB of Russia in South Ossetia, made a speech.

He has noted that the history of the border troops begins from the moment of the creation of any state.

“As soon as a state appears, borders appear in it, the security of which must be ensured so that our citizens live in peace and tranquility. Our professional holiday is one of the brightest symbols of the continuity of heroic traditions, a symbol of people's gratitude and respect for all those who in different historical epochs were strengthening and defending the borders of the Motherland," he said. Shchemelinin read out to the audience a congratulatory address from the Director of the FSB of the Russian Federation, General of the Army Alexander Bortnikov.

The Head of State Alan Gagloev also came to congratulate the border guards on their professional holiday.

He has noted that at all times, Russian border guards have repeatedly proved their professionalism and demonstrated an example of courage and fortitude.

“You have been honorably fulfilling your military duty to protect the borders of our historical Motherland, selflessly repelling any infringement on the freedom and territorial integrity of the country. So it was in June 1941. It was the Soviet border guards who were the first to take an unequal battle, fighting valiantly on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War,” said Gagloev.

The head of the Republic has noted that their heroism and courage will forever remain in the memory of the people, will serve as a moral guide for the younger generations.

“Today we honor the servicemen of the Border Guard Service of the FSB of Russia. Showing a vivid example of courage and selflessness, continuing the military traditions of your predecessors, you are fulfilling your honorable mission with honor and dignity - putting up a reliable barrier to organized crime and terrorist threats,” the President added.

He expressed his special gratitude to the employees of the Border Guard Service of the FSB of Russia in the Republic of South Ossetia, who devoted themselves to serving the South Ossetian people.

You are firmly guarding the State border of the Republic of South Ossetia. I am sure that you will continue to fulfill your duties with dignity, honestly and conscientiously serving to ensure peace in the land of the Russian Federation and the Republic of South Ossetia,” the head of state said and wished the border guards and their families health, peace, kindness and well-being.

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia to South Ossetia Marat Kulakhmetov called today a public holiday.

“This is a holiday of people who are the first in the country to meet the dawn, and on duty they are the first to meet the enemy. Many generations of border guards have shown that these are special people, because there cannot be any duality at the border,” the Ambassador said.

Kulakhmetov stressed that even now the border guards are adequately fulfilling their tasks on the western borders, in the special military operation zone, showing by their example how to love their Motherland passionately.

The head of the diplomatic mission wished the border guards good health, prosperity and peaceful borders.

For a great contribution to the maintenance of peace and security in the territory of South Ossetia, and in connection with the 105th anniversary of the Russian border department, Alan Gagloev presented state awards and letters of thanks to the employees of the Border Department.

On the 105th anniversary of the formation of the border service of the FSB of the Russian Federation, they swore an oath and joined the ranks of the military-patriotic club, the young friend of the border guard "Bars" the children of the border guards. After that, in a solemn atmosphere, they put on green berets, which are a symbol of calmness and reliability.

The celebration continued with a concert program.

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