South Ossetia is celebrating the Day of Courage and National Unity

Thu, 23/11/2023 - 12:23

In South Ossetia, on Thursday - November 23, the Day of Courage and National Unity is being celebrated.

On this day in 1989, at the entrance to Tskhinval, at the foot of the Pris Upland, a group of young Tskhinval residents, showing heroism, stood holding hands in front of a crowd of thousands of Georgian informals who were trying to get into Tskhinval to hold a “peaceful rally.”

The goal of the Georgian nationalists was to suppress the self-awareness of the people of South Ossetia and deprive them of all rights in their historical homeland. However, the Tskhinval guys managed to stop the enemy.

In honor of their feat, November 23 became known as the Day of Courage and National Unity and is included in the calendar of holidays and weekends.

In honor of the Day of Courage and National Unity, on Thursday, at 9.00, thanksgiving services will be held in the churches of the Republic, and at 10.00 a solemn procession will be organized with the participation of the South Ossetian State University, schools and the public of the Republic.

In Tskhinval, at 10.30 there will be a ceremony of laying the Garland of Memory and Glory at the Memorial Complex to the Fallen Defenders of the Fatherland.

At 10.45 at the entrance to Tskhinval there will be a rally dedicated to the Day of Courage and National Unity and in the Valery Khubulov Park of Culture and Leisure (13 Kommunarov St.) at 11.45, the capital of the Republic will host a solemn opening ceremony of busts of the outstanding figures of Ossetia.

At 13.00, a solemn ceremony for the presentation of a commemorative coin dedicated to the special military operation will be organized at the National Bank of South Ossetia, and in the evening, at 17.00, a festive concert dedicated to the Day of Courage and National Unity will be held at the State Drama Theater.

In honor of this significant date, the Republic will have a holiday from November 23 to November 26 inclusive - from Thursday to Sunday.

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