The KGB of South Ossetia provided the data on violations of the state border for the year

Tue, 19/12/2023 - 19:33

In 2023, 448 violators were detained at various sections of the state border of South Ossetia, of which 196 are violators of the state border regime, 251 are border regime violators. Such data is provided by the State Security Committee of the Republic.

According to the Committee, the Border Service of the State Security Committee conducted proceedings on each fact of violation of legal regime.

"As a result of procedural activities against violators of the current administrative and legal regime at the state border, administrative measures were applied with explanatory work, during which 262 people were subjected to an administrative fine, 6 people were expelled from the RSO with a fine, 19 people were expelled without penalties, 138 were warned, criminal cases were initiated - 19, the administrative proceedings against 4 people have been terminated," the KGB listed.

The Border Service reminded citizens and guests of the republic, including tourist groups, as well as persons arriving in the republic on religious holidays, of the need to carry identity documents (passport, official ID, birth certificate for minors, and for foreign citizens - also passes to the border zone) when following and being in the border zone of the RSO.

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