A stand will be opened in Tskhinval in memory of the fighters who lost in the special military operation

Mon, 01/04/2024 - 03:21

On Monday, April 1, the capital's administration will open a stand in memory of the South Ossetian soldiers who died during Russia's special military operation in Ukraine. Aza Bestaeva, a member of the Council of Veterans of the Republic and the initiator of the project, told IA “Res” about this.

She has noted that from the first days of the special operation, “our guys have been taking an active part in it.”

“They went to the front without thinking about the consequences, but there danger awaits at every turn. I think that heroism is already in our blood, because the events that took place in the republic from 1989 to 2008 prompted them to help the fraternal people. Our soldiers went to the front but, unfortunately, some died in fierce battles. They are heroes after all. Many left loved ones, and some did not even have time to start a family,” Bestaeva said.

According to her, among the dead were 8 graduates of school No. 5, where Bestaeva herself worked for almost half a century.

“At first I wanted to make a stand about the deceased graduates of our school. And then I thought, aren’t the other fighters ours? Afterwards, I began collecting materials about fallen soldiers. The widow of one of the fighters provided great assistance, thanks to whom it was possible to collect a lot of materials,” the member of the Council has noted.

The date of birth and death of the fighter will be displayed on the memorial stand, but the Council continues to collect other materials necessary for the future publication of the book.

“If we get support, we want to publish a book about the soldiers who died in the special military operation. It will contain biographical information about the fallen guys, what battles they participated in, where they died and were buried. It is also planned to publish songs and poems dedicated to the deceased participants in the book,” Bestaeva has added.

In total, the stand will contain photographs of 43 guys whose death was officially confirmed.

“There is a photograph of another fighter who has been missing for more than a year. But we, of course, will not place it there, since hope dies last,” Bestaeva said.

Relatives and friends of the victims will also be invited to the opening of the stand, which is scheduled for Monday.

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