Medical assistance to fighters and cooking the Ossetian pies under fire: Aza Gubaeva about her life in the special military operation zone

Thu, 16/05/2024 - 13:30

Aza Gubaeva (call sign Bagira), a nurse at the anti-tuberculosis dispensary of the Republican Medical Center of South Ossetia, is in the zone of the special military operation to protect civilians in Donbass since August last year.

As reported to the correspondent of IA “Res” bi Gubaeva, she went to the special military operation zone after her son, Irbeg Kokoev.

“My son went to the territory of the Donbass republics in June 2023 without telling anyone anything. When I found out about this, I followed him without hesitation. Upon arrival, I found out which battalion he was in and signed up there,” the medical worker said.

She has admitted that she is most concerned about the lives of fighters on the front line.

“I can’t put into words how scary it is here. Every time I pray to God that nothing happens to our guys,” Gubaeva shares her feelings.

Medical workers perform important tasks on the front line, because their quick reaction and professional skills are the key to saving lives.

“We provide first aid to the wounded soldiers, and then immediately send them to the nearest hospital,” she said.

In addition to their immediate duties, representatives of one of the noblest professions, faithful to the Hippocrat Oath, try to maintain the spirit of the children.

“I cook food for the fighters, several times I even baked them the Ossetian pies under fire,” Aza Gubaeva has noted.

She hopes that the tasks of the Russian special operation will soon be completed and the participants of the special operation will return to their families alive and unharmed.

In the meantime, the struggle for peaceful future for residents of the Donbass republics continues on the front line, doctors are making their contribution to achieving the goals of the special operation - helping others and saving lives, following their calling.

Gubaeva devoted more than 20 years to her favorite profession. On Nurse's Day, she was awarded a diploma of honor of the Health Ministry of the Republic.

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