The Statement of the State News Agency «Res»

Mon, 09/04/2007 - 10:30

The Georgian side continues the introduction of new methods on discredit of South Ossetia Republic. With this purpose, the so-called «alternative government», appearing in various mass-media, names itself as «the government of South Ossetia Republic», intentionally making a mess in the informational space. Besides the obvious to the secret-service group of the purpose of disinformation of the world community, Georgia on behalf of Dmitriy Sanakoev and his surroundings tries to appropriate itself the prestige of the legitimate authorities of South Ossetia Republic.
Lately the Georgian government under the special programs finances the informational structures, the aim of which is the purposeful propaganda of antiossetian moods as among the ossetian so the Georgian population. The ultimate goal of this technology is the split in the ossetian society.
So, the undermining TV channel «Alania», financed by the special services of Georgia, in the announcement represents Dmitriy Sanakoev as the defender of the interests of the ossetian people, and the legitimate authorities of South Ossetia Republic are simply thrown mud at. All that promotes to aggravation of without that the intense situation in the georgian-ossetian conflict and cannot lead in any way to the peace settlement of the conflict, about which the Georgian management constantly repeats.

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