Juriy Vereshchak: «The georgian side uses the data that is obviously received from doubtful sources»

Thu, 11/10/2007 - 15:48

In the address of the command of JPKF has arrived a letter from the co-chairman of JCC from the georgian side D. Mandzhavidze from October, 9th, 2007 for № 4-9/687, in which deep concern is expressed by the fact, that ostensibly the command of the Joint Staff of JPKF on the offer of the georgian side to hold a monitoring in the presence of the withdrawn antiaircraft emplacement «ZU-23-2» at the south-ossetian side on May, 8th 2007, has refrained from carrying out a monitoring. The assistant of the Commander of JPKF on work with mass-media, the lieutenant colonel Juriy Vereshchak has informed the correspondent of the news agency «Res» about it.
«The charges, put forward by the georgian side about the ostensibly taken place fact of transfer by the Peacemaking Forces from the Russian Federation of the earlier withdrawn ZU-23-2 to the south-ossetian side, are absurd», the assistant of the Commander has emphasized.
At the same time Juriy Vereshchak has regretfully ascertained, that «the georgian side uses the data, received from the obviously doubtful sources. Georgia offered the representatives of the Joint Staff of JPKF to hold a monitoring on the given question, however, they have refused».
«The Command of JPKF pays the attention of the co-chairmen of JCC that in the given situation is distinctly looked through the attempt of the georgian side to distract the attention from the serious problem, connected with placing illegal police posts and erection of fortification constructions close to the observant post of the Peacemaking Forces from the Russian Federation «Spider», that is the roughest infringement of the arrangements and creates unilaterally the center of intensity», Juriy Vereshchak has told.

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