An appeal Of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Ossetia

Wed, 13/02/2008 - 14:14

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has to draw attention of all sides concern at new serious tension in Georgian-Ossetian relations caused by criminal acts of Georgian authorities. The complex of facts is sufficient to claim of policy of state terrorism conducting by Georgian side toward South Ossetia and its citizens.
In the result of almost total water cut at the sector of Edis water pipe located at the occupied by Georgian detachments territory the crucial situation in Tskhinval threatens with humanitarian disaster. Speculating on created tens situation Georgian authorities try to provoke unrests which may lead to another serious tension of Georgian-Ossetian conflict.
Lasting several months water blockade is fulfilling by Georgian side simultaneously with blocking of traffic communications connecting Tskhinval with the regions of South Ossetia thus restricting free movement of local population, goods delivery and access to medical aid.
It is evidently clear that as a priority in Georgian-Ossetian conflict settlement Georgian authorities have chosen a policy of blackmail and resorting to force.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs pay attention to the fact that further provoking of tension of Georgian-Ossetian relations undertaking by Georgian Government on the backdrop of its demonstrative refuse from negotiations and ignoring the peaceful initiatives of South Ossetian authorities neglecting the possibility of further constructive dialog as with adequate opponent. The designed sharpening of situation conducting by Georgian authorities with criminal irresponsibility urgently needs appropriate assessment and immediate interference of authoritative international structures accredited in Georgia.

12 February 2008.
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