RSO MFA had appreciated the interim conclusions made by the EU fact-finding mission

Thu, 26/03/2009 - 11:19

The Independent International Fact-finding mission on South Ossetian-Georgian conflict had published the first conclusions naming the Georgian President Saakashvili as the initiator of the hostilities.
According to several media sources, the conclusion was made on the grounds of secret order by the Georgian leader about the start of operation “on restoring constitutional order” in South Ossetia. As it was reported, the document had been intercepted by Russian secret services and transferred to Moscow and later provided to the Fact-finding Mission.
The existence of this documents was proved with 7 August statement made by Senior military representative for peacekeeping operations of Georgian Armed Forces Mamuka Kurashvili, and later disclaimed.
IA RES addressed RSO Foreign Minister Murat Djioev for comment. According to the Minister, published interim findings contain extremely important stance that the war was started by Georgia.
”Since many people both in the West and in Georgian leadership want to present it as Russian aggression against Georgia, this conclusion is crucial. I would like to stress that the finding is based on clear evidences. Kurashvili’s statement that Georgia was restoring constitutional order in South Ossetia was voiced on 8 August eve. The fact that the Georgian peacekeeping battalion was participating in the armed operation against the population of South Ossetia spoke for aggressive character of the actions by peacekeeping contingent of Georgia. Moreover, it is quite easy to verify that on 8 August evening Georgian media sources broadcast rejoicing footage of Tskhinval shot by Georgian journalists who arrived in Tskhinval together with tanks and APCs. And the comment was that Tskhinval was under full control of Georgian armed forces. It is thus obvious who was the initiator of the armed operation against South Ossetia”, said Djioev.
The RSO Foreign Minister mentioned that the EU Fact-finding mission would continue its work until the final report is done end of July 2009.
”We are working in close cooperation and are providing with whatever material deemed necessary based on political causes of the aggression since 1989, and historic, social and other problems. I do hope that this report eventually drafted by this Mission will be objective”, stressed the Minister.
“The interim conclusion that the war was started by Georgian President Saakashvili already brings hope that other findings of the final report will be objective, solid and based on real facts. Moreover, if we take into account the fact that this was not occasional or spontaneous that the war started in August 2008, but it was under preparation through the last 20 years of Georgian-Ossetian conflict”, underlined Djioev.
The EU founded the Fact-finding Mission headed by Swiss diplomat Ambassador Heidi Tagliavini. The Mission includes political scientists, military and other experts. The Mission had lately paid a visit to South Ossetia to see the situation on the ground.

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