South Ossetia hopes that the declared universality of human rights will be proved with real steps to defend Ossetians

Wed, 22/04/2009 - 19:09

The Georgian side has been misleading not only the South Ossetian side, but also representatives of international organizations in the issues related to South Ossetians captured during and after the war in August 2008, stated the SO Ombudsman David Sanakoev commenting the video footage disseminated by IA RES on tortures practiced by Georgian special services against Ossetians.
”We gained access to video footage showing South Ossetians Alan Khachirov, Alan Khugaev and Soltan Pliev being subjected to tortures by representatives of Georgian law enforcement bodies. Earlier, representatives of the Georgian side, Chairman of Parliament committee for defense and security Givi Targamadze and Georgian Police representative Shalva Tramakidze denied the fact of these detainees being located in Georgia. This sort of behavior speaks for criminal policy of Geogian authorities against South Ossetians”, said David Sanakoev.
According to him, “the information had been transmitted to international organizations and Georgian sides as proofs of our rightness. The most important is our citizens’ fate which also depends on actions taken by international organizations to defend the rights of South Ossetians. We hope that the declared universality of human rights will be confirmed with real steps towards defending innocent Osseitans who suffered a lot from the consequences of Georgian aggression.

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