Independent Mission of European Union is working in South Ossetia

Sat, 06/06/2009 - 16:49

South Ossetian side referred to the European Union delegation the information about Georgian aggression and violations on Medvedev - Sarcosy agreement that are regularly happened at the South Ossetian board territory.
The plenipotentiary representative of South Ossetian President on the conflict questions settlement Boris Chochiev declared in his speech that there is no doubt Georgia was the aggressor in august 2008, on the summit meeting with the members of International Mission of European Union which is holding an inquiry of august events.
«Today nobody doubts that Georgia was the aggressor in august. This version was told during the Geneva disscussions. And it was recognized by Georgian nation too», - noticed Chochiev.

«Besides – added Chochiev - nowadays Georgian side on the funds of Western taxes keeps on providing with weapon».
Boris Chochiev marked also, that the situation round South Ossetia is not simple.
«Georgia goes on to settle illegal posts round South Ossetia Republic. The amount of such posts is 35. We refered this information to European Union observers. But they don’t pay any attention to such violations as illegal posts, kidnapping of people from the territory of South Ossetia», - mentioned Chochiev.
Boris Chochiev marked that the situation with international observers shows that behind Georgia stands the powers that are countenance the august agression.
«Since august of 2008 many international organizations try to show the whole world that it was Russia who was the aggressor but not Georgia. And even today this work is proceeding. We are ready to give you all the materials having facts of Georgian aggression against South Ossetian people», - added Chochiev.
The international European mission inquiring the august events consisted of – chief deputy of Mission, Dc. Marian Stashevsky, (Poland), war expert, general Jille Gallen (France), law expert Teo Butrush (France), and Georgian-Ossetian peaceful process expert, Dc. Denis Sammut (Great Britain).
During the visit members of the delegation will meet with the Ministry of Foreign affairs RSO, Murat Djioev, the chief of information – analytical department Alan Elbakiev, and other members of South Ossetian power structures.
The delegation is going to visit the south part of Rokski Tunnel. In Leningori district they will have a meeting with the chief of Leningori administration Anatoly Margiev.
It is the second visit of independent mission to Republic of South Ossetia. The first of it was on 6th of March in 2009.

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