Eduard Kokoity: Impunity gives rise to new crimes

Sat, 08/08/2009 - 13:56

The criminal actions of Georgia against Ossetian people had not been yet condemned”, stated the RSO President Eduard Kokoity in Tskhinval during the space bridge Tskhinval-Vladikavkaz-Mscow-Brussels. “Today is a day of mourning for our people.
It is the day when Georgian aggression against South Ossetia began. I would like to express the words of gratitude to Russia and Russian people for support to the brave decisions taken by the Government. This was extermination of small Ossetia people. Nobody had condemned these actions yet. To prevent any similar events in the world, the United States and Europe should condemn those who had been militarizing Georgia and those who committed this aggression. Impunity give rise to new crimes”, said Eduard Kokoity.

He underlined that “an information war has also been conducted against the Republic, when all informational means were used to misinform the world community”.
Eduard Kokoity expressed his gratitude to journalists who actively participated in lifting the informational blockade.
”Europe got to know more about the events of August 2008. Today, there are many European journalists in Tskhinval. They can see everything what is going on in the Republic and finally decide for themselves on who committed this aggression”, underlined the President.

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