ICRC South Ossetia: ICRC assists to build-up local capacities in addressing water and habitation problems in conflict-affected areas

Fri, 13/11/2009 - 11:55

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) delivered to the administration of Tskhinval and Znaur districts of South Ossetia two mobile workshops consisting of a welding generator unit, a welding set and plumbing tools, and a leakage detector.

The ICRC has been continuously following the situation with access of the population to potable water, as well as the habitation conditions in conflict-affected areas in order to address the immediate needs of the population. The assistance provided by the organization aims at building up the capacities of local structures and authorities to rapidly address water supply problems and carry out necessary maintenance. Hence, the ICRC has supported the local water supply company "Vodokanal" and donated to it an excavator, a mobile workshop, as well as sophisticated laboratory equipment, furniture and reagents to its laboratory.
To address the problems with damaged housing in rural areas affected by the hostilities, the ICRC has distributed 4,368 square metres of window glass in two districts of Znaur and Djava and contributed to rehabilitation of roofing in the villages of Tskhinval district. The latter activity covers 100 houses in the villages of Satikar, Dmenis, Galuantikau, Khetagurovo and Sarabuk, out of which 50 households were provided with construction material and the rest are being rehabilitated by the ICRC contractors.
"We are doing our best to closely monitor the implementation and prevent any delays so that the beneficiaries get their roofs repaired before the beginning of December", says Nadиge Deseure, the ICRC delegate responsible for water and habitat program.
Currently, a team of around 80 expatriate and national staff work for the ICRC in Tskhinval. The ICRC maintains constant dialogue with the authorities, coordinating its efforts in providing humanitarian aid to the population.

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