War in August, 2008. The eyewitnesses are telling. Varya Khozieva

Mon, 12/09/2011 - 19:10

Khozieva Varya Vasiljevna born in1966, an inhabitant of Tskhinval
I live at International Street in Tskhinval. That awful night, from seventh to eighth of August, I was at home. Because of tension reigned in the town I had earlier sent my children to North Ossetia. Early in the morning my husband went to his work. I was alone when the explosions were resounded at night.

I could not realize what to do, where to run, where to hide. It was so terrible! In the interval between bombardments I ran to my neighbours. Their cellar seemed to be safer, and-what was the most important thing,-I would not be alone.The cellar was so crowded that one could not breathe. There were also small children in the cellar. One four year-old girl had the temperature to 40 degrees. She started to rave, telling incoherent things. We were frightened very much, her mother was in panic, but she held her ground. Fortunately, our neighbours had the medicine and they made her an injection. Thank God, the child got well. We were sitting in the cellar waiting death, as well as all inhabitants of the town. Suddenly we heard one more explosion and the shouts -it turned out to be my neighbour Tolik Tibilov. «My God, my house has ruined, my house is burning», - he cried. His house is destroyed hitherto. Then the missile hit the next house where the Galavanovs lived, the occupants of the house found themselves under ruins. The neighbours under bombardment ran out and pulled them out from under the blockages. When all that horror came to the end, thank God, my husband returned alive. He had been searching for me at home, and was frightened very much when he had not found me there. One could not describe our happiness when we met each other. It seemed to me that I had been born the second time.