The Central Electoral Committee has voiced the names of two more presidential candidates


Today the Central Election Committee of the RSO has registered the ex-Minister for Education of the RSO Alla Dzhioeva and the head of the computer diagnostics branch of the Republican hospital Dzhemal Dzhigkaev as the presidential candidates.

As informed by the Central Electoral Committee of South Ossetia to the IA RES, earlier 11 certificates of the candidates for the Presidency have already been issued. «Besides, today the Central Electoral Committee has refused registration of the painter Geno Kadzhaev because of discrepancy to residential qualification», - has been noted at the Central Election Committee. It should be reminded, that for today nine persons have been registered as the presidential candidates by the Central Electoral Committee. Certificates of candidates for the Presidency are issued to : Vladimir Kelekhsaev (the deputy of the RSO Parliament of two previous convocations), Alan Kochiev- a trainer of the weightlifting juvenile sports school, Vadim Tskhovrebov- a director of the bakery products enterprise, the deputy of the RSO Parliament ("Unity"), Dmitry Tasoev - the leader of the Social-Democratic party liquidated in March, 2011 at the suit of the Ministry of Justice of the RSO, Ajvar Bestaev - the branch manager of the Republican hospital in Tskhinval, the First Deputy of the Head of Administration of Tskhinval Alan Kotaev, the Minister for Emergency Situations of the RSO Anatoly Bibilov, Soslan Tedety - commanding officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RSO and the chief bailiff of the Ministry of Justice RSO Sergey Bitiev The Central Election Committee of South Ossetia has refused registration of the initiative groups, nominating Vasily Bestaev (a member of the Advocatory chamber of the RSO-Alania), Lev Gagiev (a surgeon of the Republican somatic hospital), Dzhambolat Tedeev (the head coach of the Russian national team on free-style wrestling) and the ex-Minister of Defence of the RSO Valery Tedeev. The Central Election Committee of the RSO will return a verdict on the other presidential nominees not later than October, 19. It should also be reminded, that the Central Election Committee of South Ossetia has finished acceptance of subscription lists from the registered initiative groups, nominating the candidates for forthcoming presidential elections in the Republic on November, 13.

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