ICRC representatives wished the aged people of South Ossetia happy New Year

Sat, 31/12/2011 - 11:55

Employees of the Tskhinval office of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has wished the residents of the nursing home "Care" in Tskhinval happy New Year and presented them with gifts. The elderly, infirm and lonely people, living in the "Care", which is located uptown, have found themselves there by the will of fate. But they were very happy to meet the unexpected guests and with trembling hands took the gifts from the ICRC delegates, thanking them for their help and attention.

"We are very happy today and let God thank you for this. We wish you to live long and happily"- the veteran Gerasim Guliyev said. Director of the nursing home Chermen Tebloev has also expressed his gratitude to the Tskhinval office of the International Committee of the Red Cross for taking care of the aged people. "You have brought great joy to residents of this house, it is important for them to know, that they are remembered and cared of. It`s so important, especially in the autumn of life, do not feel themselves lonely, to feel oneself in demand and needed by society, "- he said. Tebloev noted that the ICRC was the first who had congratulated the nursing home residents on the occasion of the coming New Year As told IA "Res" by the employee of the ICRC Mission Department for Public Relations Marina Tedeti, the gifts had been prepared to meet the needs and wishes of the nursing home administration and residents. "This year we decided to save money on the corporate party and at the expense of these funds provide assistance to the Old people's home. We tried to figure out what the elderly people, who by the will of fate had found themselves in the nursing home, would like to receive as a gift. Having taken into account their wishes, the gift set has included bedding-and underwear, sweets and fruit,"- Tedeti said. In turn, the Head of Mission of the International Committee of the Red Cross Pierre Rayshel has noted that the ICRC in South Ossetia seeks to implement programs on improving social services to the needy, including assistance to people living in the nursing home. "For us it is very important that people know the Red Cross is the neutral organization. The most important thing for members of the Committee is to assist the needy and victims of the conflict. It could be people in the conflict zone, in places of detention, etc. ", - Rayshel has underlined. According to him, the importance of the ICRC is the question of cooperation with the authorities of the Republic. "We can say that we have good contact with the authorities of South Ossetia, they understand our mandate. We want to do much to help those in need, but, unfortunately, not everything is possible to do. However, we are doing the best "- Rayshel has concluded.

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