Vice-Speaker of the Parliament of South Ossetia has been nominated for the Presidency


The Central Election Committee of South Ossetia accepted a package of documents from a group of citizens, nominating Vice-Speaker of the Parliament of South Ossetia Yuri Dzitstsoity as the presidential candidate in the upcoming elections on March 25. As reported to IA " Res" by the representative of the CEC of the Republic "these documents will be reviewed within five days, then a decision on registration or refusal of registration the initiative group on nominating Yuri Dzitstsoity as the presidential candidate will be made. In case of registration the initiative group will receive a certificate of registration, which will enable it to collect signatures in support of their candidate," Earlier, the CEC of South Ossetia has already registered two initiative groups nominating Deputy Defense Minister Igor Alborov and ex-Chairman of the State Committee of Information, Communication and Mass Media of South Ossetia Kabisov Georgy as the presidential candidates.

Both candidates ran for the Presidency in November last year. Registration of the candidates will be continued until February 19. The repeated presidential election in South Ossetia will be held on March 25, 2012. According to the Constitution of the Republic of South Ossetia, the President of the Republic may be elected a "citizen of the RSO not younger than 35 years, who knows the state language and has been the resident of the Republic during the last 10 years." The right of nominating a candidate for presidency belongs to political parties, electoral blocs and initiative groups of voters registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of South Ossetia and the Central Election Committee. It should be reminded, that the presidential election held November 27, 2011, won by the opposition candidate Alla Dzhioeva, was declared invalid by the Supreme Court of South Ossetia; as a result the mass protests were held in Tskhinval by the opposition. December 10, 2011 the current president Eduard Kokoity resigned his post and Alla Dzhioeva urged her supporters to end the protest action.

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