The South Ossetian athlete will perform in the championship of the Russian Federation

Thu, 23/02/2012 - 13:57

A shot putter from Tskhinval Valery Kokoev will take part in the track and field athletics championship of Russia, starting today in Moscow. As reported to IA "RES" by the trainer of the sportsman Igor Tsakhilov, «the strongest Russian sportsmen will take part in the tournament. The competition between them will be very severe. Russia national team personnel, taking part in the forthcoming World championship in Istanbul, will be created as following the results of the tournament, - Tsakhilov has told. - Therefore it is necessary for our sportsman to prove to be the best and achieve the right to participation in a world championship».

According to the trainer, the shot put competitions will be held tomorrow, on February, 23.
It should be noted that February, 12, 2012 Kokoev became the silver prize-winner of the championship of Moscow, having put a shot for 19 metres, 39 centimeters.
In 2009 he became the European champion among youth with the result of 20 metres, 20 centimeters. And in 2011 Kokoev put a shot for 20 metres 42 centimeters and took the third place in the championship of Russia among adults. Kokoev is supporting a national team of North Ossetia. At the present time he is training in Vladikavkaz under the direction of the honored trainer of the Republic of South Ossetia Igor Tsakhilov.

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