South Ossetian fighters successfully performed in the tournament in North Ossetia

Wed, 27/06/2012 - 10:53

Athletes of full contact martial arts Federation of South Ossetia have become the winners of the Fourth Open Games for Children and Youth in Martial Arts, held in North Ossetia.This has been said to IA "Res" by the coach of the athletes Vakhtang Valiev.

"Within the frames of the tournament the athletes competed in those types of martial arts,as kickboxing, Kudo, Thai boxing, Sambo, army hand-to-hand fighting, Viet Vo Dao and others. Our athletes competed in hand -to -hand combat and Viet Vo Dao. The competitions were held among athletes of different age groups, "- said Valiev.
According to him, success in an army fighting competitions have achieved Georgy Valiev (weight class to 39 kg, age group 13-14 years old), Alan Pliev (weight class to 65 kg, age group 15 - 17 years old), Azamat Bestaev (weight class to 39 kg, age group 13 - 14 years old) and Khetag Khubaev (weight class to 55kg, age group 13 - 14 years old).
"Pliev and Valiev became the winners of the competition, Azamat Bestaev took second place and Khubaev won the bronze medal "- said Valiev.
He has also added that the South Ossetian hand-to-hand fighters Arthur Loloev (weight class to 72 kg, age group 18 years old), Vladimir Valiev (weight class to 57 kg, age group 18 years old), Zelim Kelekhsaev (weight class to 76 kg, age group 14 - 15 years old) and Alan Siukaev (weight class to 60 kg, age group 14 - 15 years old) successfully performed in Viet Vo Dao competition.
"Loloev won the first place, Valiev and Kelekhsaev became the silver medalists of the competition and Siukaev – the bronze medalist. Our athletes were very successful. We are especially pleased with Alan Pliev. Despite the fact that it was his first competition he showed his worth, "- said Valiev.
It should be noted that the South Ossetian athletes were trained for the competition by Vakhtang Valiev and Mamed Kulumbegov. The winners and prize-winners of this tournament have also become the athletes of the Kyokushin-kan karate Federation of South Ossetia and the judo school of the village of Bekmar in Znaur district of South Ossetia.

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