It is necessary to attract investment into South Ossetia - opinion

Mon, 13/08/2012 - 16:04

The head of the Ossetian diaspora in Syria Khisham Koshkha (Albegty):

The Ossetians, wherever they live - in Syria or in other states -must work together. This will facilitate the development of Ossetia, its greatness; it will improve the people's life.

I think, at this stage it is very important to begin attracting foreign investment. The government of South Ossetia must take measures to create suitable conditions for the Ossetian businessmen, working abroad, so they would expand their business in Ossetia. If there are jobs, people will be able to work; nobody will leave his homeland.
The events of August 2008 – is a heavy page in the history of South Ossetia. We were grieving deeply in Syria, were keeping in touch with our friends and relatives every day. We had not the opportunity to go to the streets to express our protest against what was happening, but we were doing the best we could. We were gathering at the Russian Cultural Center, inviting journalists and guests to show them all thecriminal acts of Georgia against South Ossetia. We were telling the truth, the whole truth, but not that one, which wasbeing disseminatedby the media, and, of course, we were expressing our protest against the war.
Now is the time to build our state, and acting together, we can achieve a lot.

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