Murat Dzhioev: Georgia's intention to recognize the South Ossetian passports is nothing more than humanitarian fraud

Tue, 06/11/2012 - 22:08

The statement of the State Minister for Reintegration Paata Zakareishvili about Georgia's intention to recognize the South Ossetian and Abkhazian passports - is nothing more than fraud.

This was reported to IA "Res" by Presidential Envoy of South Ossetia on post-conflict settlement Murat Dzhioev.
According to him, new people have come to power in Georgia, who at first will make offers, enticing from their point of view, and "wrapped in beautiful sweet wrappers." Such attempts, has reminded Dzhioev, were made under Edward Shevardnadze and Michail Saakashvili.
"We were made various humanitarian proposals that would turn the South Ossetians towards Georgia. But the fact is that South Ossetia and its people have determined in their development, and want to maintain relations with Georgia only as with a neighboring country. Any of their proposals will be considered in this context, "- stressed the envoy.
According to him, the statement of the State Minister for Reintegration Paata Zakareishvili that Georgia intends to recognize South Ossetian and Abkhazian passports along with the Georgian identity cards for free movement in the territory of Georgia - is nothing more than a hoax.
"The point is that the South Ossetian passport means that its holder is a citizen of the state - the Republic of South Ossetia. And if Mr. Zakareishvili and other members of the Georgian government want to have friendly and good-neighborly relations with South Ossetia, first they have to recognize the Republic of South Ossetia as the independent state. And then have to recognize the documents issued by this state ", - said Dzhioev.
"This is nothing more than a humanitarian hoax, which the people of South Ossetia will never accept," – underlined the envoy.
"We have repeatedly stated that South Ossetia is ready to be engaged in a dialogue with the authorities of Georgia who will recognize our independence and their responsibility for the aggression against South Ossetia and who will be ready to build good relations with our country. Any other suggestions, designed more to an outside listener, are unacceptable for South Ossetia, whose people are well aware of the value of the Georgian proposals and promises, "- he said.
Dzhioev has emphasized that the Georgian authorities should recognize the independence of South Ossetia, hold talks with our country to delimitate the state border. After that, according to the plenipotentiary, one can consider the issue of opening of the border gate so the citizens of both countries could visit these countries using the internal documents issued by the authorities of these countries.
"Until this it is out of the question to visit Georgia by citizens of South Ossetia. The border is closed, "- said Dzhioev.

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