Students of the South-Ossetian state University took part in the Russian-Polish seminar

Fri, 30/11/2012 - 11:43

Students of the South-Ossetian State University took part in the III meeting of the Russian-Polish seminar on the subject "The young people today and the civil society", which was being held in Poland November 22 - 25.
As one of the participants of the seminar Magda Tibilova said "Res", the workshop had been organized by the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Warsaw with the participation of LLC "Sotsioglobus" and the Coordinating Council of the of the RF Federation Council Chairman of the Federal Assembly on cooperation with civil society.

"The seminar was attended by representatives of various youth organizations and voluntary movements. The Polish side was represented by teachers and students of the Warsaw University, representatives of non-profit organizations and volunteers. At the seminar were discussed the issues of democracy and practices of civic participation of young people, development of school, university self-government and the youth parliamentarianism, civic and political culture of the youth, as well as the role of NGOs in combating reanimation of Nazism "- said Tibilova.
According to her, the Russian side has also taken part in the conference, dedicated to the memory of the Polish educator and public leader Janusz Korczak.
"The program manager of the International Movement "World without Nazism" Arcadiy Berezynts has also made a speech at the conference. He told about the activities of the movement on combating reanimation of neo-Nazism and noted the role of Korczak in this area", - said Tibilova.
Tibilova has added that in the near future the South Ossetian participants plan to develop the world-class voluntary projects.

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