South Ossetia expects its citizens to be released from the Georgian prisons

Mon, 14/01/2013 - 18:01

South Ossetian authorities have no information whether the citizens of South Ossetia, kept in Georgian prisons, will be granted an amnesty declared by the Parliament of Georgia recently (within two months three thousand prisoners will be released).
This was reported by Presidential Envoy for post-conflict settlement Murat Dzhioev at the enlarged meeting of the President of South Ossetia with heads of ministries and departments.

"In December we received a letter from the Georgian side with the proposal to release five Georgian citizens, who are being kept in our prison in exchange for the six citizens of our Republic, kept in Georgian prisons. But we continue to follow the principle of exchange
"Everybody for everybody", "- stressed Dzhioev.
He expressed the hope that these six people would be released.
"The Georgian side refused even to consider the fate of seven citizens of South Ossetia, three of whom were convicted to life imprisonment in Georgia," - said the envoy.
He has underlined that the Georgian authorities call these citizens of South Ossetia as the persons who have committed serious crimes.
"But we consider that they have been convicted for political reasons, as the citizens of South Ossetia," - said Dzhioev.

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