Socio-economic aspects of South Ossetia were discussed in Media Center "IR"

Fri, 29/03/2013 - 21:10

Socio-economic aspects of South Ossetia have been discussed today at the round table in the Media Center "IR." The event was attended by the heads of political parties of South Ossetia, representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development, lecturers and students of the Department of Economics of the South Ossetian State University, the public and political figures of the Republic. Opening the discussion, President of the Media Center "IR" Irina Gagloeva stressed that the further South Ossetian statehood would depend on its economic development.

"Economic development is the most difficult aspect of the national progress. Our economy, to our great regret, can be described as catastrophic, "- she said.
The head of the Media Center has also noted that the history of development of the economy of South Ossetia is illogical, "because during the Soviet period the economic system of the Republic was formed primarily by the laws of ideology."
"The whole arsenal of industrial enterprises in Tskhinval, except of the woodworking enterprise, did not fit our natural and climatic demand", - said Gagloeva.
She has added that for five years from the date of recognition of the independence of the Republic, no any program for socio-economic development was developed and implemented.
"However, if we read the reports of the relevant bodies, we will see a large amount of funds allocated for elaborating such programs," - stressed Gagloeva.
In turn, Deputy Economic Development Minister Inna Grunwald said that in 2009 - 2012 in the Republic had been applied the target planning method, ie the target program for the development of certain industries.
"Given the limited financial resources, we had to prioritize the development sectors. The key industries, which were financed, were construction and social development. However, our ministry was annually developing the targeted programs, "- said Grunwald.
To date, according to her, the ministries and departments of the Republic have developed more than ten sectoral programs.
"This is a program of education, industry, transport, energy, health, infrastructure, communications and mass media, agriculture, culture, border areas, small and medium entrepreneurship, etc.," – listed the official.
According to a lecturer of economics of the South Ossetian State University Mary Kabisova, to achieve and to ensure the economic security of the Republic, one should improve the spirit of the society and the demographics.
"The pace of growth of the economy depends largely on demographics. When the country's average age is 25, the economic processes are most active, "- she said.
Also, in her view, in South Ossetia is underestimated the small and medium business, as an "agent of social and economic changes in the catastrophic situation in which is the economy of our republic."
"According to recent data, more than 15% of the population is unemployed. These unemployed can be easily involved in business, and not engaged in trade, but in manufacturing, agriculture,
cultivation of flowers, mushrooms, pottery, wicker furniture and household items, the production of baby food from local raw materials, corn sticks, ravioli, etc.
Maria Kabisova also stressed that the prosperity of South Ossetia could be achieved through the strategically considered economic policy, with well established priority directions of the economic development.
"In my opinion, it is - industry, tourism and agriculture," - she said.
At the round table were also discussed other urgent issues related to the development of the economy of the Republic.

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