Problems in the work of the ministries and agencies of South Ossetia were discussed in Tskhinval

Fri, 26/04/2013 - 10:42

The Russian working group led by the representative of the Russian Presidential Administration Sergei Zhuk, has arrived in South Ossetia on a working visit. The delegation has also included representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia Ivan Anokhin and an expert of the Federal Property Management Agency Andrei Nikitin.

In Tskhinval the delegation participated in a meeting of the Government of the Republic of South Ossetia, which discussed aspects of the work of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic, raised in the report of Chamber of Accounts of Russia.
According to Sergei Zhuk, the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, describing the activities carried out, has focused on the implementation of the Investment Program to promote socio-economic development of South Ossetia.
"The Accounts Chamber has pointed out the shortcomings, one of which is the absence of legislation on government procurement in South Ossetia. It is stated that the competitive system for placing orders for the supply of products, goods and services for state needs, are not applied in the Republic. The state customer selects contractors, subcontractors and suppliers independently, "- said Zhuk.
He added that regulations containing criteria for the selection of the contractor, the necessary requirements - the experience, professional activities, legal and technical expertise - all these is not considered by the agencies of the Republic when choosing a contractor .
"The future contractor is not tested for the ability to perform the contract. In addition, the analysis of the previously concluded contracts suggests that they were concluded, to put it mildly, even in violation of international civil law. The contracts have not deadlines, price, without specifying the amount of work performed; thus, were made payments, which has led to the current situation, "- said the head of the Russian delegation.
During the meeting, the sides discussed issues of developing regulations aimed at regulating the placement of orders for goods, works and services for state needs, as well as the methods to improve the accounting of the state property of South Ossetia.

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