Investment will promote the development of the industrial sector of South Ossetia

Fri, 13/09/2013 - 13:47

Attracting investors in South Ossetia may facilitate early revival of the industry in the Republic, expressed his vision of the development of the industrial sector Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic Guram Melkoev at a press conference at the International Press Center in Tskhinval.

"Last year the production of marketable output amounted to 51.6 million rubles. In 2011, the production of marketable output amounted to 31 million rubles. This year is also expected more than 60 million rubles and expectations there will be 133% , but this is due to the garment factory, "- said Melkoev.
He has noted that the garment factory is a good example of the prosperity of the industrial sector by attracting investors.
"A well-known businessman, president of the "BTK groups" Teimuraz Bolloev responded to the request of the leadership, and under the investment agreement the factory is functioning today. 75 people are working in the newly- repaired premises. By the end of the year this figure will be increased to one hundred jobs. In the coming year, as stipulated by the investment agreement, at least 160 jobs will be created at this enterprise," - said Melkoev.
The issue of transferring enterprises in the use of investors will be decided at the government level.
" In the near future we will be able to offer several processing enterprises in the use of entrepreneurs either in a long-term lease, or under the investment agreement. Such proposals are being worked out and we think investors will respond and we will revive the industry, - said the Deputy Prime Minister.
Melkoev has emphasized that by attracting investors will be created new jobs and ensured the continued production by the enterprises, as well as tax revenues to the state treasury.

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