Residents of the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine are afraid of a repetition of the Kiev scenario - Foreign Ministry of South Ossetia

Thu, 06/03/2014 - 15:04

South Ossetia is monitoring with anxiety the developments in Ukraine, where as a result of a coup d'état, Kiev and many cities in Western Ukraine are seized by the armed radical extremists whose actions are becoming more ambitious and aggressive, stated Acting Foreign Minister of South Ossetia David Sanakoev.

"The situation has gone far beyond the legal and constitutional framework, are committed massacres, destroyed monuments, shouted out anti-Russian slogans; the Verkhovna Rada is adopting decisions restricting the rights of linguistic minorities and prohibiting objectionable political parties, there is a gross interference in the affairs of the church and the establishment of the naked Nazi dictatorship. In my opinion, the country is on the verge of economic collapse and humanitarian disaster that in one way or another will touch the entire European continent,"- said Acting Foreign Minister of South Ossetia.
"It is no secret that in the escalation of tension, not the last role played the blatant interference of some high-ranking politicians of Western countries and the USA in the internal affairs of sovereign Ukraine, who wanted to make it a place of their geopolitical games and create the conditions for a re-division of regional boundaries," – stressed David Sanakoev in his statement.
According to him, all these disorders caused fair indignation of citizens of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea and Eastern regions of Ukraine, with mainly Russian-speaking population, who do not want a repetition of such scenario.
"The South Ossetian people, as no one else understand what is happening in these regions of Ukraine, as they themselves experienced the grave consequences of Georgian nationalism in August 2008, which, by the way, was supported by representatives of the naked fascist Ukrainian organizations.
Undoubtedly, it is necessary to say that we express our full solidarity with the actions of the Russian Federation to support their compatriots in Ukraine, aimed at preventing an escalation of tension of the situation and avert bloodshed,"- said Acting Minister.
He believes that the Ukrainian people should decide their own fate themselves.
"We will be monitoring the situation in Ukraine and call on all political forces to stop the violence, to restore the rule of law, bring the situation back to the constitutional and legal framework and peacefully, without bloodshed, resolve the situation," - said the Acting Foreign Minister of South Ossetia.

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