For South Ossetia the year 2015 will be more successful than the current one - Leonid Tibilov

Fri, 26/12/2014 - 14:20

The year 2015 must be even more successful and fruitful than 2014 in the development and strengthening of the statehood of South Ossetia, said President Leonid Tibilov at the final meeting with South Ossetian correspondents and representatives of the foreign media accredited in the Republic.

According to him, South Ossetia will continue its active foreign policy, in this sphere the Republic counts on its strategic partner Russia.
"We do not intend to deviate from the previously selected path of the rapprochement with Russia, in early February it is planned to sign a new treaty on alliance and integration," - said the head of state.
He has noted that the draft of the future treaty is being widely discussed in the South Ossetian society and outside the Republic, there has already been received some proposals on its improvement.
"All proposals received by the Secretariat of the political council are considered by a special working group. Questions on the social part of the draft treaty are practically solved and do not meet any objections, "- said Tibilov.
He has said that all the articles of the document will be supplemented by separate agreements, including the mechanisms for their implementation.
Leonid Tibilov has noted that one can often hear complaints in the society that under the draft treaty South Ossetia will delegate its powers on defense and security to Russia.
"It's just part of the transfer of powers, according to the already concluded agreements between the two countries. The Treaty will not infringe the foundations of our Constitution, "- said the head of state.
He has called on the weighed approach to the discussion of the draft treaty, stressing that it is planned to sign this treaty with a major strategic partner and ally of South Ossetia - Russian Federation.
"In the name of security of our people and future generations the Treaty must be signed and will be signed" - concluded Tibilov.

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