Vyacheslav Gobozov: No one has a monopoly on patriotism, as well as on the ultimate truth

Tue, 20/01/2015 - 09:44

All South Ossetian political parties advocate the signing of the alliance and integration Treaty with Russia, the differences in their positions are more tactical than strategic. This was stated by the leader of the party "Fydybæstæ", the Chairman of the State Information and Press Committee Vyacheslav Gobozov.

"To draft any treaty is the working process. First of all, it should involve relevant experts. With regard to the Treaty of alliance and integration, as shown by the last Saturday roundtable of leaders of political parties, almost no one has a fundamental disagreement on the very fact of its conclusion on the question of maximum integration between Russia and South Ossetia. All parties agree that the treaty is important for us and that it should be the most integrative. So, one should not force an open door and look for a black cat in a dark room, especially if it's not there, "- said Gobozov.
According to the politician, the differences in the approaches of the parties to this question "are more tactical than strategic."
"Such differences are normal. We can easily overcome them in the course of constructive work. I would appeal to all political parties, journalists and various media organizations not to politicize unnecessarily this process, not to use it to solve their narrow political and partisan interests, populist statements and speculations, and a fortiori for labeling. I do not think that the language of ultimatums is a good way in drafting such a serious document. Everyone should remember that none of us has a monopoly on patriotism, as well as on the ultimate truth,"- stressed the leader of the party.
He refrained from assessments of the actions and statements of the leaders of various parties, noting that "for such an assessment there are the President and the Political Council."
"I wish all the parties in this situation to refrain from unduly harsh statements, including in the media. We must understand that none of the "versions" of the draft Treaty, which have been published on various websites, is definitive or even an official. Moreover, as has repeatedly emphasized the President, the final draft Treaty will be submitted for public discussion. Premature discussions of various "versions" of the draft Treaty are not constructive ", - concluded Gobozov.

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