Radion Pukhaev: "The Days of Ossetian culture in Europe" will start in May

Thu, 05/03/2015 - 14:11

This year "The Days of Ossetian culture in Europe" will be held in five countries. The main purpose of this traditional event is to promote Ossetian culture in Europe and the networking of the Ossetian creative intelligentsia with the European colleagues.
The head of the International non-profit Association «Renaissance Sandidzan» Radion Pukhaev has given a detailed account of this event in an interview with news agency "Res"

- The main purpose of our event is to give an opportunity for the Europeans to become acquainted with our culture and Ossetia as a whole, the establishment of cultural and creative relationships, and most importantly, the Association of Ossetians in Europe, their closer participation in cultural life of Ossetia.
This year will be the fifth anniversary of the "Days of Ossetian culture in Europe", we decided to conduct large-scale events in honor of the anniversary during the whole year. They will be held in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Italy, Hungary and Turkey.
They will start on May 15 in Brussels. The main events will take place from May to July.

- What activities are planned as part of the "Days of Ossetian culture"?

- The basic events will include exhibitions, open-airs and workshops of our artists. Every year, are premiered films of the Ossetian directors, performances and round tables with the creative intelligentsia of Ossetia and Europe. Our events will begin on May 15 in Brussels with the round table, which will be followed by the premiere of the feature film "Mine" by the Ossetian director Murat Dzhussoev, the meeting with him and other members of the film.

- What results do you expect from your actions?

- We do not set any supertasks. Accordingly, our expectations are very reasonable. For us it is important a certain stability. For five years "The days of Ossetian culture" are held in European capitals, it is at least not bad. We can plan our events for the next few years, change geography, participants, activities, add something new. A very important part of our activities is the annual round tables of scientific and creative intelligentsia of Ossetia and Europe, the participants of which are scientists, writers, people of creative professions, public figures, officials of North and South Ossetia, diplomats and representatives of the Ossetian diaspora. We discuss the most pressing issues, such as the role and place of Ossetian culture in the modern world, prospects for cooperation between Ossetia and Western European countries in the field of culture and art, and other issues. Believe me, many representatives of other nations ask for advice, as well as to share our experience.

- The "Days of Ossetian culture in Europe" are conducted for several years; can the residents of Ossetia see any results, I mean any movie or a book?

- I am asked this question regularly, so I want to share some plans. This year the "Days of Ossetian culture in Europe" will get a very pleasant and unusual sequel. April 8 in Moscow, in the Central House of Artists will open an exhibition of the Ossetian artists, participants of all our activities in Europe. Our artists will share their impressions of Belgium, France, Holland, Italy, Hungary and Turkey. Some works will be based on sketches made in the open air in Flanders, Europe through the eyes of the Ossetian artists. The exhibition will be called "Reflection of Europe." Similar exhibitions will open in Tskhinval on August 26 and in Vladikavkaz in early December. This should be a real event in the cultural life of Ossetia. Also this year, it is planned to publish a large catalog, and next year the release of the documentary, which will summarize the five years of our work.

- Good plans, do you have any interesting plans for the future?

- Of course, we have. We are negotiating for conducting the "Days of Culture" in China, Together with the talented artist Vadim Pukhaev, who is responsible for the artistic part of the "Days of Culture", we are working on a new modern "art project", which in the future will take a special place in our events.

What would you wish our readers?

- This time, instead of wishes I `d like to say that sometimes I hear, as if we do not invite everybody to the event. I want to say that it is not exactly so. We just do not have contacts with everybody. Our doors and hearts are always open. It is not the fact that all proposals will be immediately continued, but we are planning for several years, and will be seeking for various opportunities.

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