Anatoly Bibilov won the presidential election with 54.8% of votes - the CEC

Wed, 12/04/2017 - 19:30

At a meeting of the Central Election Committee of South Ossetia, according to the final data, Anatoly Bibilov has been declared the elected president of the Republic with 54.8% of votes.
The data were presented to media by the Chairman of the Central election Committee Bella Plieva
Plieva has also noted that the inauguration of the elected president will be held on April 22.
"Declare the election of the President of the Republic successful. As a result of voting, Anatoly Bibilov was elected the President of South Ossetia. The inauguration of the elected president will be held on April 22, after the announcement of the final results, "Plieva said.
The CEC Chairman has also announced the results of the referendum vote. According to Plieva, 80% of the residents of the Republic voted for the renaming of South Ossetia into the State of Alania, against 20%.
Plieva has also noted that both names of the Republic are equivalent.
According to Plieva, the turnout at the elections was 79.6%.
"17 thousand 736 voters voted for Anatoly Bibilov, 10 thousand 909 voters for Leonid Tibilov, and 3 thousand 291 voters for Alan Gagloev. Against all voted 429 voters, "- said the CEC Chairman Bella Plieva.

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