Expert: increased efforts of Tskhinvali in Latin America will lead to new recognition

Mon, 14/01/2019 - 12:25

The visit of the South Ossetian President Anatoly Bibilov to Venezuela to participate in the inauguration of Nicolas Maduro marked the intensification of the Republic’s foreign policy in the Latin American direction, told the "Res" news agency South Ossetian expert Yuri Vazagov .

An important protocol event, in his opinion, was successfully used by the head of state to establish contacts with the leaders of a number of countries, including the President of El Salvador.

"The meetings held in Caracas will allow South Ossetian diplomacy to increase its efforts in a very promising direction, which was not given enough attention in previous years. Unfortunately, due to a number of reasons, the South Ossetian authorities did not use the opportunity to expand foreign policy contacts with Latin American countries after the recognition of the RSO by Venezuela and Nicaragua. And this is despite the fact that in the region where anti - globalist and anti-American views are strong enough, South Ossetia had a good chance to succeed," the expert believes.

Venezuela, according to Vazagov, under Commandante Hugo Chavez, with the ideology of "Bolivarian socialism", has become the center of attraction for a number of Latin American countries.

"This explains the efforts being made by the United States and its allies in the region to overthrow Chavez's successor, Nicholas Maduro. In addition, Washington is seriously alarmed at Russia's increasing economic and military-political cooperation with Venezuela, which began under the current Venezuelan leader. It suffices to remind the reaction of the American authorities to the flights of Russian strategic bombers to Venezuela shortly before Maduro’s inauguration, "the expert emphasized.

Despite the difficulties, faced byVenezuela in recent years, strengthening relations with Caracas, as announced by Anatoly Bibilov, will be a starting point for Tskhinval in expanding contacts with a number of Latin American countries, including the same El Salvador, Cuba and other

"At the same time, at this stage, South Ossetian diplomacy will have to act in more difficult conditions. With direct or indirect U.S. involvement in Brazil, Argentina, and some other States in the region, Pro-American leaders came to power to replace left-wing forces opposed to White house policy. However, the intensification of Tskhinval's efforts in the Latin American direction will bear fruit and, in the future, will lead to new recognitions for the Republic. Here, one cannot help but pay attention to the key trend that has emerged outside South Ossetia’s policy over the past year and a half. Instead of focusing on the necessary but few effective Geneva discussions, the Republic’s leadership concentrated on building contacts with the countries that, like South Ossetia, were at the forefront of the fight against the hegemony of the United States and its allies. In this list, one of the first places is occupied by Syria, which recognized the independence of the RЫO last year, " said Vazagov. According to him, the Republika Srpska, visited by the delegation of South Ossetia exactly a year ago, today is one of the last centers of resistance to NATO expansion in the Balkans.

"The struggle for the independence of the people's republics of Donbass, supported by the RSO, also takes its place in opposing attempts to preserve a unipolar world order. The commonality of interests, including on the basis of the fight against a common enemy, generates mutual sympathy, which can and should be successfully used to expand the presence of South Ossetia in the international arena," he concluded.

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