Bibilov: Georgia brought provocative processes to the state level

Sun, 08/08/2021 - 20:02

Residents of South Ossetia are mentally transported back 13 years, recalling the events of August 2008, President of the Republic Anatoly Bibilov told reporters on Sunday during a commemorative action.

“Everyone remembers where he was in those August days, when the shelling was carried out, how they feared for the lives of their loved ones, how people buried the dead in their gardens ... Today everyone is experiencing mentally that the events of 13 years ago,” he said.

According to him, today the Republic is living in peace, it is developing, the infrastructure has improved, and large-scale construction is underway.

“Without a doubt, the fact that today Russia is helping the Republic to develop and provides security tell on people's lives, they are more confident, they are not afraid of being hit by a sniper's bullet, no one hides their children in the basements (...) And all this suggests that the decision of the Russian Federation at that time was absolutely correct and vital for the people,” the President noted.

Anatoly Bibilov has stressed that, nevertheless, today there are frequent provocations from the Georgian side.

“Our opponents have provocations at the state level. Until 2008, these were terrorist acts, now they have brought the process of provocations to the state level,” the President stressed.

He has noted that the situation in Tsnelis (Uista) is a direct provocation, which should have led to another military confrontation.

"UAVs from the Georgian side also violate the border with South Ossetia ... The most important thing is that we should be ready for provocations, and there is always readiness ...", Bibilov said.

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