Oxygen reserve, district hospitals and a new level of medical care: the leadership of the Health Ministry of South Ossetia on the work

Wed, 11/08/2021 - 18:01

No one is insured against the risk, including from what happened in North Ossetia, our readiness to level those problems that may arise is important, the Health Minister of the Republic Soslan Naniev said at the press conference in Tskhinval, commenting on the tragedy that the other day occurred in Vladikavkaz.

The Minister and his Deputy Alexander Prikhodko answered the questions of the journalists at the press center of the Committee for Information and Press of South Ossetia.

“We have a primary and backup oxygen supply system. We have also taken measures to have oxygen cylinders on each floor of the hospital. These are the measures we have taken. It is impossible to talk about the complete leveling of risks,” said Solan Naniev.

Alexander Prikhodko has added that the Ministry of Health will purchase additional oxygen stations in the near future.

“In the near future, we plan to purchase three oxygen stations, which will also be in the district hospitals,” the Deputy Minister said.

According to Naniev, the leadership of the Ministry has worked out the task set by the President on the supply of the district hospitals, and a list of additional medical equipment for these hospitals has been agreed upon.

“The list has already been agreed and funds have been allocated. Next will be the practical implementation. A list of five resuscitation vans has been agreed, each district will receive one of them. There will be two resuscitation vans in Tskhinval. All large district hospitals will receive oxygen stations and an intensive care unit will be organized in each of the district hospitals,” Naniev noted.

According to the Health Minister, each ward will have appropriate equipment: two functional beds and a ventilator. All medical waste will be recycled with special equipment in order to take care of the environment and this special equipment has also been included in the list.

Soslan Naniev has also added that district hospitals are moving to a new level of medical care, including for patients with coronavirus infection.

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