Our doctors are ready to share their experience in combating the pandemic: Bibilov at the meeting with the co-chairs


The EU Co-Chair Toivo Klaar proposed the exchange of experience of medical workers in the fight against the pandemic at the Geneva platform. He stated this on Thursday at the meeting of the co-chairs of the Geneva discussions with the President of South Ossetia in Tskhinval.

According to him, "they really want to achieve the maximum result from the negotiations, and focus not only on the formal dialogues, but are ready to make efforts to meet experts in various fields, for example, doctors in the light of the coronavirus pandemic."

Anatoly Bibilov supported the proposal of the international diplomat, stressing that "Georgia needs such assistance most of all today, where the situation with the pandemic remains very difficult."

“In South Ossetia, the epidemiological situation is now quite calm, and we are ready to propose the doctors to share their experience and help them in the fight against the insidious virus,” the President said.

The head of state praised the professionalism of the South Ossetian doctors, who fully cope with the tasks facing them in the context of the pandemic.

“In this matter, they are greatly assisted by their Russian colleagues. But they themselves are ready to share their experience with the Georgian doctors,” President of South Ossetia said.

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