Heroes don't die. Following the traditions laid down by Valery Khubulov

Sat, 06/11/2021 - 22:22

On November 6, the political and public figure Valery Khubulov (Khubul) would have turned 55 years old. Khubul was the creator and first minister of defense of the Republic of South Ossetia. A gifted military leader, talented strategist, fearless warrior and undisputed leader, hero of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

It was he who, with the assistance of the legendary Alan Dzhioev (Parpat), who was the founder and first commander of the Armed Forces of South Ossetia, was creating the defense department from scratch.

The Defense Ministry began to be formed in January 1993, and the first military units were formed by February 23. This day is considered the day of the foundation of the Ministry. It can be said responsibly that Valery Khubulov created the defense department, which later played a decisive role in preserving South Ossetia as a territorial unit and South Ossetians as a people.

Valery Khubulov was born on November 6, 1966 in Tskhinval. Youth did not become an obstacle to be in the forefront of the defenders of the Fatherland in the face of the mortal threat that appeared from Georgia in the form of military and economic aggression.

If his leadership and organizational qualities were manifested even in peaceful life - at school and in further activities in the ranks of the Komsomol, then in the extreme conditions of wartime he showed himself to be a fearless, valiant, daring warrior and commander who took upon himself colossal responsibility for the fate of his people.

The unification of numerous isolated self-defense detachments by Khubulov ultimately contributed to the organization of a powerful centralized opposition to the enemy. The South Ossetian Defense Ministry was formed from these detachments, whose members had serious combat experience behind them. Under his leadership, there was a complex process of forming divisions, systematizing the activities of the department. He did a lot to provide the South Ossetian army with the necessary material and technical base.

All servicemen - privates and officers, the leadership of the Defense Ministry proudly and honorably follow the traditions laid down by Valery Khubulov, and sacredly honor his memory.

More and more generations of young soldiers who come to the South Ossetian army are being brought up on the principles and convictions of Valery Khubulov and his comrade-in-arms.

The leadership of the Defense Ministry is systematically working to perpetuate the memory of Khubul. One of the major steps in this direction is the establishment of a medal named after the hero. A high departmental award is presented to our compatriots and representatives of other states for special military services to South Ossetia.

Khubulov left a bright light not only in the history of South Ossetia, he was also among the commanders of the Ossetian military detachments that came to the aid of North Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Khubul's biography is impressive. During his incomplete 32 years, he did an incredible amount for his South Ossetia. He became famous as a wise diplomat and politician. In 1992, he was a participant in the signing of the Sochi agreements on the settlement of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict. Valery Khubulov took an active part in the meetings of the Mixed Control Commission, in the most serious negotiation processes, one way or another connected with South Ossetia. At the same time, he has always advocated the principles of the peaceful settlement of conflicts. Valery Khubulov's authority was so indisputable not only in South Ossetia, but throughout the entire North Caucasus that his opinion often became decisive in making the most important decisions.

Valery Khubulov was killed on May 31, 1998 in the city of Vladikavkaz. The crime has not been solved to this day - neither the perpetrators nor those who ordered the murder have been found.

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