A group of residents of South Ossetia who had recovered from coronavirus returned after rehabilitation in Pyatigorsk

Tue, 30/11/2021 - 18:15

Another group of South Ossetian residents who had been seriously ill with COVID-19 returned after undergoing a rehabilitation course in one of the Russian sanitariums in Pyatigorsk.

The program for undergoing rehabilitation by residents of South Ossetia who have recovered from coronavirus infection is being implemented by the Health Ministry of the republic on behalf of President Anatoly Bibilov.

This was the third group of citizens who underwent rehabilitation in Russian sanitariums. Initially, 13 people had to take health courses, but due to the fact that some people re-contracted coronavirus right before the trip, 8 people went to Pyatigorsk.

This time, the residents who had recovered from the disease were recovering their health within 2 weeks at the Pyatigorsk clinic, a branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution of the North Caucasian Federal Research and Clinical Center of the FMBA of Russia.

According to the participants of the trip, the spa treatment helped them to improve their health.

“I contracted coronavirus about six months ago, most of my lungs were affected. Rehabilitation was very important and I am grateful to our leadership for organizing this trip. We went through a large number of procedures and were able to improve not only the physical, but also the psychological state, because psychologists were also working with us. I can say that I am very pleased with the results,” said one of the participants in the trip.

Another resident has also shared her impressions of the rehabilitation.

“Every morning we were being watched by the attending doctors; the medical staff was very attentive. If some procedures did not fit, then the treatment was changed immediately. We underwent an examination, we did cardiograms, measured the amount of sugar, etc. They prescribed magnetotherapy, a course of massage, took mud and radon baths, and visited a psychologist, which is very important for those who have had COVID-19. Thank you very much to everyone who organized the trip,” said one of the residents, having added that she will most likely soon make a vaccine against coronavirus in order to protect herself and her loved ones.

The Health Ministry has earlier reported that in the future it will continue to send citizens who have recovered from COVID-19 to Russian medical institutions.

Most likely this year it was the last group of people who underwent rehabilitation in the Russian sanatoriums and the program will be resumed in the new year.

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