Historical document: parties "United Ossetia" and "United Russia" signed a cooperation agreement


The South Ossetian republican political party "United Ossetia" and the All-Russian political party "United Russia" signed a cooperation agreement.

The document was signed by the Chairman of the United Ossetia party, Alan Tadtaev, and the Secretary of the general council of the United Russia party, Andrey Turchak.

The signing of the agreement took place within the framework of the VIII Congress of the United Ossetia party.

On the eve of the signing, the head of the South Ossetian legislature, Alan Tadtaev, said that “consultations and negotiations between representatives of both parties had been going on for several years and the result of this work was the signing of a cooperation agreement and interaction between the United Russia party and the United Ossetia party.

Alan Tadtaev has added that the signing of the agreement and inter-party cooperation will give "fruits that every citizen of the republic will feel."

Andrei Turchak greeted the participants of the congress and conveyed congratulations from Dmitry Medvedev. "Russia highly appreciates cooperation with South Ossetia, we remember the war of August 2008. It was the United Russia faction that then supported the decision of the Russian leadership to recognize South Ossetia. The agreement 'is an additional impetus for the development of bilateral relations, and it will contribute to the implementation of the investment program" Turchak said.

According to him, the Republic should be headed by a person who is working for the development of the state. "Over the years of his presidency, Anatoly Bibilov has established himself as a good politician... The problem cannot be solved with beautiful slogans. The development of South Ossetia depends on the outcome of the elections. United Russia is ready for a new stage of cooperation and hopes for a reasonable decision by the people of South Ossetia," said. Turchak.

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