June 1 - a reminder of the responsibility for the future of our children - Alan Gagloev

Wed, 01/06/2022 - 17:29

President Alan Gagloev addressed the children of South Ossetia and their parents on the International Children's Day.

The head of state stressed that "today's holiday is a reminder to all adults of the responsibility for the future of our children, our state," the presidential press service reports.

“We are proud of our smart, talented, promising guys. Many of them, despite their rather young age, successfully perform at local and international levels, in sports, scientific, creative and other fields.

Our common duty, the state and society, is to create worthy conditions for their intellectual, spiritual and physical development, so that the children of our Republic have the opportunity to realize their abilities. After all, happy children are a guarantee of a prosperous and reliable future for South Ossetia.

One of the main goals of our state is to protect the rights and interests of the younger generation, help young and large families, families with children with disabilities, develop education and healthcare, patriotic education, and strengthen family values," the President has stressed.

In his opinion, in the Republic special attention is paid to children who find themselves in a difficult life situation: they are organized with holidays in children's camps operating in South Ossetia and abroad; families receive social benefits; orphans are gradually provided with their own housing.

"A child receives love, care and attention in a strong, stable and loving family. I would like to wish all parents to raise their children in the spirit of assimilation of high moral values, family traditions left by our ancestors, as well as a healthy lifestyle. Let the creative heritage and traditions of our ancestors light the way to the future of our children!

Dear children, I wish you good health, happy holidays, new friends and the fulfillment of your most cherished desires! Respect your parents and elders, please us with your academic achievements and be patriots of your Motherland! To all educators, teachers - health, patience and wisdom in the difficult task of education!

May the sky above us always be peaceful!” the President addressed the children of the Republic and their parents.

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