The premiere of the South Ossetian theater performance has become a major event in Tambov – the artistic director

Mon, 20/06/2022 - 22:49

The premiere of the play "Suicide" of the South Ossetian State Drama Theater by Nikolai Erdman directed by Alexei Razmakhov was successfully held the night before at the IV Festival of Russian Foreign Theaters in Tambov, Tamerlan Dzudtsov, the artistic director of the Melpomene Church in South Ossetia, told the “Res” news agency.

According to him, the show was held as part of the Big Tour project of the Russian Ministry of Culture and Rosconcert.

“For the first time in the history of our theater, we presented the premiere of a performance on the territory of another state. A large-scale event took place on the Tambov stage the night before - the premiere of the production of the "Suicide" stirred up the hall, which was watching the performance of the artists with incredible interest and laughter.

The audience was struck by the idea of ​​the director, they fell in love with our actors, the entrance of each of them during the next act was accompanied by a standing ovation,” said Dzudtsov.

He has noted that the South Ossetian artists played beyond their capabilities. The South Ossetian State Drama Theater received the invitation from the leadership of the Tambov region and the local theater to visit Tambov again with tours.

As part of the "Big Tour" project of the Russian Ministry of Culture and Rosconcert, the play "Suicide" will be presented in Voronezh, the show will take place on June 21, the next day the audience will be able to see another production with the participation of the South Ossetian artists - "Don Juan" directed by Kazbek Dzheliev.

The production of "Suicide" involved: Andrey Tedeev, Albina Khugaeva, Zhanna Doguzova, Soslan Bibilov, Soslan Khassiev, Eduard Gagloev, Bella Dzhioeva and others.

The main role in the play "Don Juan" is played by Grigory Mamiev, in the role of Don Juan's servant - Sganarelle - Eduard Gagloev. The production has also involved Vasily Tekhov, Artur Gagloev, Albina Khugaeva, Natia Chokheli, Eduard Vaneev, Soslan Khasiev, Andrey Tedeev and others.

Students of the acting faculty of the South Ossetian State University also play in both performances.

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