From November 30, passing through Razdakhan and Pereu with expired documents will be prohibited – the KGB border service

Tue, 15/11/2022 - 14:55

In October, 28 violators of the law in the border area were detained at various sections of the state border of South Ossetia, according to the website of the State Security Committee of the Republic.

"Of them: 4 are violators of the regime of the state border, 24 - of the frontier regime," the KGB noted.

The Border Service of the State Security Committee conducted proceedings on each fact of violation of legal regimes.

"As a result of procedural activities in relation to violators of the existing administrative and legal regimes at the state border, administrative measures were applied with explanatory work, during which 18 people were subjected to an administrative fine, two people were expelled from the Republic of South Ossetia under Article 14 of the Law "On the State Border of the Republic of South Ossetia" "Without penalties, eight people were warned, terminated administrative records management in relation to one person," the message says.

The Border Service of the KGB draws the attention of residents of the Leningor and Dzau districts, moving from the 20th to the 30th day of each month through the Razdakhan and Pereu IGGPs, that in accordance with paragraph 1 of the decision of the Security Council of the Republic of South Ossetia of August 18, 2022, t is necessary to replace (extend) passes with expired validity until November 30.
From November 30, 2022, the passage of citizens with expired documents through these IGGPs will be prohibited.

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