South Ossetian deputies discussed the visit by the artists of the ensemble "Alan" to the "provisional administration of South Ossetia" in Georgia

Tue, 06/12/2022 - 12:16

The recent visit by several artists of the North Ossetian ensemble "Alan" to the events of the so-called "provisional administration of South Ossetia" in Georgia was discussed at the meeting of the RSO parliamentary committee on national politics, culture, religion and the media.

According to the press service of the legislative body, the meeting was chaired by the Chairman of the Committee Amiran Dyakonov.

This trip, according to Dyakonov, caused a negative reaction in the Republic and, as the Chairman of the Committee has emphasized, we are talking about contacts with an organization that is illegal in South Ossetia, therefore, according to Dyakonov, a legal assessment is necessary.

“I would like to express my opinion regarding the visit by the artists of the State Ensemble “Alan” to the so-called “interim administration of South Ossetia”, a terrorist organization located in Georgia. At one time, a criminal case was initiated against this organization related to an encroachment on the seizure of state power, terrorism and other articles of the criminal code. This criminal case is under the jurisdiction of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic, and in order for us to become more specifically acquainted with the situation, it is necessary to invite them. I believe that actions related to visiting this so-called "interim administration" should be the object of close attention of the state security agencies and the prosecutor's office," said the Chairman of the Committee.

Minister of Culture Rada Dzagoeva, who took part in the work of the Committee, has noted that this visit was not an isolated action, Georgian groups perform in North Ossetia, and artists from North Ossetia are frequent guests in Georgia.

“Yes, some artists of the Alan State Ensemble went to Georgia, which is wrong. The problem is much deeper than we imagine. The relationship between the south and north of Ossetia has been broken, integration processes have not been established. Our structures should deal with all these issues in close cooperation with their North Ossetian counterparts. We can now protest about what happened, but nothing will be done further than this, no measures will be taken,” the minister said.

According to her, the decision to travel was made by the leadership of the State Ensemble of North Ossetia. As for the concert of the Alan Ensemble in Tskhinval, according to the Minister of Culture, it had been planned for a long time, and it was not advisable to cancel it due to the trip of several artists to Georgia, since the organizers of the action “were striving for this”.

Deputy Alan Tadtaev added that the western countries of Georgia are allocating fabulous sums in order to return South Ossetia and Abkhazia through soft power.

“I think that this visit of North Ossetian artists to Georgia would not have taken place without this financial component. I am sure that these people have received some financial means to conduct these master classes. We need to be stricter with such manifestations, as we know that money is everything for some people,” the deputy said.

Amiran Dyakonov proposed to hold a joint meeting on this issue with the Committee on Defense and Security with the involvement of the KGB of the Republic of South Ossetia and representatives of the prosecutor's office.

The second issue for discussion by the deputies was the draft law of the Republic of South Ossetia "On the objects of the national cultural heritage of the Republic of South Ossetia."

“For the purpose of legislative regulation of relations in the field of conservation and use of objects of the national heritage of the Republic of South Ossetia, a draft law “On objects of the national cultural heritage of the Republic of South Ossetia” has been developed. The preservation and use of objects of national cultural heritage is one of the priority tasks of the state authorities of the Republic of South Ossetia, since it is the state that provides the legal, financial and material conditions necessary for the preservation and use of objects of national cultural heritage,” Dyakonov said.

Minister of Culture Rada Dzagoeva has added that minor amendments were made to the bill as a matter of routine.

“The draft law was sent to us a week ago, in principle, we had no comments, there is only an addition to paragraph 4 of Article 7, which we allowed in the working order,” she said.

Members of the Committee submitted this draft law for further discussion by the presidium of the Parliament.

The Committee was also attended by deputies Ilya Khubulov, Garry Muldarov, Robert Ostaev, Alan Tadtaev, Dmitry Kotaev and Zaza Dryaev, Deputy Minister of Culture Grigory Mamiev.

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