Encouragement of Nazism gives rise to new crimes against humanity - Znaur Gassiev  

Sat, 20/05/2023 - 23:47

On the eve of the 31st anniversary of the Zar tragedy, Ambassador of South Ossetia to the Russian Federation Znaur Gassiev addressed the heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Moscow, as well as the Georgian interests section at the Swiss Embassy, the press service of the diplomatic department reports.

The Ambassador's address, dedicated to the criminal act of genocide against the peaceful Ossetian population, committed by the Georgian formations on May 20, 1992, states that "as a result of the catastrophic scenario of the policy of the Georgian leadership, the mournful day of May 20, 1992 for South Ossetia, the entire Ossetian people, was forever covered with darkness and mourning.

"National exclusiveness, as the main cause of global confrontations, gave rise to the tragedy that occurred 31 years ago on the road near the South Ossetian village of Zar. On this day, exhausted by the endless shelling of the besieged Tskhinval by the Georgian armed forces, women, children and the elderly, driven by fear, were seeking  salvation and hope to wait out the war in a safe place," the appeal reads.

According to the Ambassador, fate has prepared for the peaceful Ossetians a painful death at the hands of nationalist executioners.

"A column of cars and trucks was shot in cold blood by the Georgian armed groups, inspired by their leadership with the ideology of superiority, under the slogans of which the Ossetian population was being exterminated in 1920, 1989-2008. 33 civilians were killed on the Zar "road of life" on that tragic day ", - he said.

Znaur Gassiev has added that the atrocity of the criminals still remains unpunished.

"On the fact of the monstrous murder of civilians on the Zar road, the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of South Ossetia initiated a criminal case.

The participants in mass war crimes against the people of South Ossetia have been identified, but the search and detention are hindered by the official authorities of Georgia, on whose territory the perpetrators are hiding.

The ideas of national superiority, which, unfortunately, have many adherents in today's Georgian society, carry a great threat to the entire civilized world," the appeal says.

The Ambassador has noted that South Ossetia is once again calling on the world community to condemn the ethnic cleansing committed by Georgia against the peaceful Ossetian population, since impunity and encouragement of Nazism give rise to new crimes against humanity.

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