South Ossetia influenced the history of Russia - Alexander Khrolenko

Tue, 15/08/2023 - 22:16

Russia changed the status and fate of South Ossetia, and to some extent it changed Russia's foreign policy, its identity and history, thereby influencing the further development of world history. Military observer Alexander Khrolenko noted this in a commentary to the “Res” agency.

“The small Republic influenced the history of Russia and the development of the history of mankind - no more, no less. The strength of the spirit of the South Ossetian people, militancy and invincibility, despite the fact that the people themselves are kind, bright, peace-loving, allowed them to survive in the fight against the enemy,” he said.

Khrolenko noted that one should not forget that the Republic had a proxy opponent.

“On its own, Georgia would never have attacked South Ossetia. It was armed and supplied by the Americans. All the military commanders with whom I spoke after August 2008, and all the experts say that it was too much for Georgia to plan and organize the Open Field operation. That is, here we see exactly the same influence of the West, as it later took place in the Ukrainian theater of operations,” the observer has added.

He has reminded that once two peaceful peoples lived on the same territory, after which suddenly the Georgian enclaves became so hostile that they began to shoot and mock the population of South Ossetia and consider them second-class people.

“After all, this was brought from outside, it was the Americans who made Georgia believe that they are above everything, that Ukraine and Germany are above everything. The same pattern of planting a hostile ideology to the neighboring people in order to further push them together and thereby harm Russia later,” said the military observer.

He has also noted that the 15-year history shows how far the South Ossetian Republic has stepped forward and where Georgia is now.

“As a puppet of Washington, they once again tried to send it on tanks to Tskhinval and Sukhum in order to divert Russian forces from the Ukrainian theater of operations. Fortunately, what happened in August 2008 reminded of it and Georgia did not go for it. Georgian politicians have more sobriety, although the illusions that someday South Ossetia and Abkhazia will return to them as their own regions remain,” the agency's interlocutor noted.

In order to prevent this from happening, Russia has done everything necessary, so that not only today the Republic feels safe, but maintains the status quo for centuries.

“Now a generation has grown up in South Ossetia that did not know the war - it's wonderful. For some countries, this sounds abstract, but for the South Ossetian people, who have been haunted by a chain of military troubles since the late 90s of the last century, this is very important. This is a clear proof of the benefits of good neighborliness, friendship and interaction with Russia,” the military observer believes.

Tskhinval is hosting for the first time the international Forum “South Ossetia. 15 years of recognition of the Republic's independence by the Russian Federation. Within the framework of the event, various master classes and lectures for representatives of the South Ossetian mass media will be held. Military expert Aleksandr Khrolenko will also speak at the Forum and tell the media and press service staff about how to become a military journalist or observer.

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